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Animal Cardiology

Symptoms of Heart or Respiratory Disease

Animal Cardiology
Animal Cardiology

Our cardiologists provide your pets with comprehensive diagnosis and management of heart and respiratory disorders. Pets with any of the following symptoms may benefit from cardiology care:
• Coughing
• Breathing problems or shortness of breath
• Heart murmurs
• Heart failure
• Irregular heart rate (arrhythmias)
• Weakness from heart or lung disease, fainting, or collapse
• Congenital cardiac birth disorders
• Acquired heart disease
• Elevated blood pressure (hypertension)
Pets with heart or respiratory conditions receive added benefits from a cardiology consultation:
• Cardiac consultation includes strategies for prevention of heart failure
• Efforts are dedicated to assure safe and effective long-term health management of pets with heart disease
• Care is focused to improve and maintain quality of life